Best Vegan Milk for Cereal

A true vegan knows that there is nothing that tastes better than the earthy undertones of the plant-based milk, especially when they find the perfect crunchy cereal pairings. Unfortunately, everyone on the vegan side of life knows that finding the perfect vegan milk is not always easy. With that in mind, we’ve come up with … Read more

can vegans take honey

Can Vegans Eat Honey?

Is honey vegan? Can you eat honey on a vegan lifestyle? Being vegan is a way of living and regarded as a way of minimizing animal cruelty and animal exploitation.  Vegans avoid all and any animal products. If you are a honey lover then you’ll appreciate how thick and tasty the golden liquid tastes, and … Read more

breakdast ideas

Vegan Breakfast Ideas

 As a vegan looking for healthier and 100% vegan-friendly breakfast options, your focus when it comes to the best vegan-friendly breakfast options revolve around the high-protein plant-based options like almond butter, peanut butter, and soy nut butter, as well as whole-grain toast. But even with this option, you know that you cannot have peanut butter … Read more

vegan snacks

Vegan Party Snacks

 There are so many tasty options for vegan party snacks these days that you will be hard-pressed for ideas of what to woo your guests with!   1. Fruit and Nut Butter You can never go wrong with fruits and nut butter. Unless some of the expected guests are allergic to nuts, to which you … Read more